Lashing strap

Langhebelratsche mit Getriebe

This long lever ratchet has an additional gear. A second shaft / gear wheel increases the pre-tensioning force to STF 1,500 daN, which is approximately 3 times that of a conventional 5-tonne tensioning belt.

An additional knob on the side makes it easy to unwind and wind the tensioning belt when the lever is in the open position.

In the 4m version sufficient to pretension firewood bundles with d = 120cm in the middle!

Other lengths / hook designs are available at short notice on request.

Tension very loosely with one hand and thus achieve more pre-tensioning force than with full body use with a normal 5T belt.
To maintain the function of the ratchet, the bearings should u. moving parts are occasionally lubricated with a suitable lubricant. Important: one-handed operation! Max. Hand force 50 daN


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