Woodrope 8 times drilled

This rope is specially made for bundling firewood. The rope consists of 8 threads of twine to achieve high tear resistance. 7 threads black, 1 thread colored, twisted, approx. 8-10mm thick, tensile strength approx. 850 kg approx. 400 running meters, approx. 10kg / spool. This wooden rope is not twisted as high-quality as our PP bundle rope. Hence the cheaper running meter price.

 Seil Seil-8mm-PP

high-quality, dimensionally stable polypropylene rope 8 mm black, twisted with 3 shanks, approx. 0.030 kg / m, breaking force approx. 1040 daN, approx. 220 running meters/ Role.

Ideal for bundles of wood with knoti.

When the ends are welded / fixed, the rope does not untwist and remains dimensionally stable even after repeated use.

This rope is UV-stabilized and therefore light-stable for longer.


"Woodrope" and "PP ropes" are ideally suited for bundling with Knoti, but due to the tighter rotation, the PP rope is somewhat more stable, more durable and easier to use than the wooden rope!

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Product no.: 2011

PP bundle rope, 8mm 3-shaft twisted, approx. 0.03 kg / m, approx. 220 running meters. Role, black

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Delivery weight: 7.2 kg

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Product no.: 2013

Woodrope 8 times drilled, 7 threads black, 1 thread colored, breaking load about 850 kg, about 10 kg, about 400 running meters

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Delivery weight: 10.6 kg

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Delivery weight: 2.66 kg

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Product no.: 7208
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Product no.: 7208TRK
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