Stubai Hand lifting hook 500mm 450g

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length: 500m, weigth: 450g

Backsaving and easy working with the ergonomic shaped
handle, perfect hold with the innovative rubber grip and
antislip handle. Unbreakable and lightweight aluminum
handle. The sharpened tip moves perfectly into the wood.

From a Stubai ice axe to a modern forestry tool, Innovation
has been developed. Several advantages:
The ergonomically shaped aluminum handle allows a good
working body posture.
A rubber sleeve with antislip action, provide the best grip.
The aluminum handle is lightweight and especially unbreakable
The sharpened TIP pulls perfectly and easily into the wood.
The Log Pick / Lifting Hookl was specifically designed for
lifting lighter Wood pieces to conveniently transport them
to a log splitter.
The device is also ideal for cleaning up smaller, lighter pieces
of wood.

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